Seizon and the ghOST Orchestra

by Seizon

(free) 20:01


Seizon and the ghOST Orchestra is the first studio album by Italian musician Seizon, published in 2007.
The album is basically born as a tribute to the musicians who have inspired Seizon over the years. Many of these musicians are composers of famous soundtracks (also known as OST aka Original Sound Track). As Seizon’s music is created by playing a massive digital orchestra (samples sequenced through MIDI), the artist decided to play with these two elements in the title too: his digital orchestra is a sort of ghost orchestra which was inspired by those used in the soundtracks (hence the name Ghost Orchestra). Tracks comprising the disc are two long suites, in honor of Mike Oldfield’s debut, a great source of inspiration for the artist.


released January 1, 2007




Seizon Vicenza, Italy

After splitting from Death Metal band Gaia’s Vestige which he belonged to, guitarist and composer Renato Zampieri decided to start a solo career, with the monicker Seizon, covering all genres of more congenial music: ambient, classical and post rock. Inspiration comes from contemporary musicians such as Mike Oldfield, John Williams, Joe Hisaishi, Hiroki Kikuta, Jack Wall, Vangelis, and many other. ... more

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