The Last Vestige Of Gaia (Special Edition)

by Seizon

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Davide Montoro
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Davide Montoro A great project by the ex-Gaia's Vestige guitarist Favorite track: The Mask Said.


The Last Vestige Of Gaia is the fifth studio album by Italian musician Seizon, published in 2011.
After the ambient experiment Goya Toca A Oz, Renato Zampieri decided to reflect on all the music composed up until that time. Starting with his old Black Death band Gaia’s Vestige, until his more recent ambient and post rock tracks, he realized that it brought a remarkable variety of settings and atmospheres, and it would be interesting to try to summarize the entire career in a new work, able to condense the change of attitude in a new unique personal style. It ‘s so was born the idea of The Last Vestige Of Gaia, a tribute to the old band-never-forgotten rewritten with the ambient and orchestral sensibility in recent years. A new feature is the introduction of ghOST Choirs as a counterpoint to the work of the Ghost Orchestra and the guitar work of the composer. The four tracks that make up the disk were not sorted according to themes, but according to the musical style: in this way you can listen to the record as a unique part of that environment, gradually penetrating deeper into the music of the orchestra, and finally back to ambient style.


released January 1, 2011




Seizon Vicenza, Italy

After splitting from Death Metal band Gaia’s Vestige which he belonged to, guitarist and composer Renato Zampieri decided to start a solo career, with the monicker Seizon, covering all genres of more congenial music: ambient, classical and post rock. Inspiration comes from contemporary musicians such as Mike Oldfield, John Williams, Joe Hisaishi, Hiroki Kikuta, Jack Wall, Vangelis, and many other. ... more

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Track Name: The Last Vestige Of Gaia
The keeper of Secrets, hides what I feel, what I need... by its blow of sadness, into my heart-cave, forever...
Track Name: The Dark Movements II
In His House, Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Track Name: The Dark Movements III
From the Stars... Orion...